I’ll be there for you !!

    This is what rings in my head when i hear the most acquainted word ‘friends’. Yes, for one more time i enunciate that i love TV serial FRIENDS. We all do. The series is not just a sitcom,we live in those characters. I mean who didn’t cry at he final scene where everybody is putting their keys back. Every episode makes you laugh your heart out. Of all the shows i have seen, be it Suits or Sherlock, Big Bang or Seinfield, Breaking Bad or GoT, Nothing comes close to FRIENDS. Coz there is a connect. I have grown to love the characters and eventually what happens to them (except for Gunther *wink)

RACHEL- This girl who runs away from her marriage. Spoiled but sweet;she reaches to her college friend (who bye the way wasn’t even invited to her wedding). She congenially introduces her to everybody. “Welcome to the real world. It sucks.” -and here begins the TV series.

MONICA-She is like a mother figure having strange obsession for cleanliness and pleasing everybody. She has reduced herself from a 110kg fat women to 55kg hot chick. A self made independent lady.

PHOEBE- She is from the streets,with no family but a heart as big as New York. She is weird in a good way. A supportive person and self made guitarist. This lady wrongs everybody who says “only men can do comedy.”

ROSS-Unconfident,shy and introvert man who is in love with Rachel since ever. Known for his divorces and dinosaurs. He seems a neurotic victim with capability to gratify in all sort of things.

JOEY-A foodie,charming and simple person. This man may not seem to have high IQ but sure as hell he know how to be endure people. “Joey doesn’t share food”-is how many remember him. But i remember this guy as someone who backed off to unite Rachel (although he loved her) with Ross.

CHANDLER- Not only an unfortunate patronymic ‘Bing’, he had a third nipple too. Freaking out at any change and his chaffing behavior are so likable.

   A room where Joey could get old“-describes his love.

They united despite being different. A perfect blend of emotion, sarcasm and plenitude. What more do we want to learn. The audacity to be happy in one’s skin and accepting people for what are really are. For a rainbow will never form if all the colors stayed stiff and didn’t interfuse.

We have learned to use the word ‘friend’ so sloppily that the essence of being in Friendship is not realized. I can think of at least ten people i refer to as friend but would never call them in need, a ten more but would dare not share my feelings with, roughly ten more but would never like them to be around regularly. This may sound cliche but ‘a friend with whom i can do anything is better than ten friend with whom i can’t even be myself.’ We all have a Ross,a Rachel,a Joey,a Chandler and a Monica in and around us. But we fail to recognize. We blind ourselves with hypocrisy. We want our friends to be like us as if we are accumulating herd. We abort to admire differences. “Accepting people as they are rather than as we want them to be” this is what kinship is all about.

I cherish this show for it does not raise my expectation about relations,it does not want me to have a magical wand,it didn’t make me think that i am so common nor did it make me wonder if i will ever be that happy as in the show. All because i believed that i am living this life. I am around such people. And most importantly i find myself loving the way things and people are around me. Maybe its a little exaggerated notion but friends did bring my friends closer to me. Each time we hang out,we are just ourselves, nobody trying to please anybody. Though i might sound adage ,but i don’t use the word friend casually anymore.

    Coz friends for me mean I’ll be there for you !!


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