Pushkar Fair | Story behind Brahma Temples

Pushkar is one of the oldest established places in Rajasthan, India. It is a small village near Ajmer. Pushkar has both religious and cultural importance in the Rajasthani History.


How To Reach Pushkar :-

Pushkar is only connected via roads. It is just 3 hours drive from Jaipur Airport. So one can either take a car or a taxi to reach the city.

the camel Rides
The Camel Rides

Best time to visit :-

Pushkar is known for Pushkar Fair. I recommend visiting during this time during november. It is not so hot, neither too chilly. The place is decorated like a bride, the communities welcome you with warmth and the events make the stay memorable.

What is Pushkar Fair :-

It is an annual Cattle, livestock exchange fair in which many activities are hoisted(as shown in video). There are variety of competitions including camel races, horse races, cattle races, moustache competitions, best dressed bride competition etc.

The pushkar fair
The fair

The place looks like an amalgamation of beautiful and bright colors. It is a 3-14 day affair but I recommend going in the mid days to witness the best of everything.


The pushkar fair

Why do we have only Few Brahma temples :-

As the epic goes, Brahma created a women and she was so pretty that he himself fell for her. He would not let her go away from his sight. The lady being modest changed herself to different forms. But which ever form she changed to, Brahma became the male of the same. At the end Shiva has to intervene and stop Brahma. He cursed him that although he has created the Life, he would not be worshipped because he did not want human to follow the path Brahma has taken. So after all this Brahma pleaded mercy and only a few places have Brahma’s temples. But this temple is considered very important for Hindus. Their pilgrimage is considered unfulfilled until they visit this temple.

What to expect :-

Markets full of ethnic and cultural souvenirs, Kunds or holy lakes to bath in, Temples to relax, Yoga centers to learn Yoga and Pranayam, Cafes with hand made interior, Lots of camel rides, elephant rides and baghis and rich Rajasthani Food.


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